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sexta-feira, outubro 21, 2011

Pura Ficção

Comecei a ler este livro no dia 18/10/2011 e acabei de ler no dia 20/10/2011.

When the local library starts a reading group, Ed is the first to sign up. He is soon joined by Kate, Zoe, Bob, Donna, and Gideon. As the reading circle draws its members into an unlikely community, the plots become increasingly outlandish, and their lives grow ever more entwined.

Julie Highmore was born in Surrey, but as her father was in the Royal Air Force, she spent a happy childhood living in lots of different places, attending fourteen schools altogether. The regular uprooting has stayed with her, and she still feels the urge to move house every few years - enjoying doing up places that need a little work.

Before becoming a published writer, Julie taught English to foreign students and was a reader for Oxford University Press’s children’s books. Although she’d always had literary ambitions, she didn’t start writing until one day, at home with flu, she heard about a short-story competition on her local radio station, and to her surprise won first prize.

She eventually went on to study creative writing under a great tutor, Philip Pullman, who gave her invaluable advice and encouragement when she began writing her first novel. Unusually, Country Loving was picked up by Headline from the slush pile and was published in 2002.

Julie lives in Oxford and has three grown-up children.

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