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quarta-feira, junho 13, 2012

O que é que não Fazemos por Amor!? - Ilene Beckerman

Li este livro no dia 12/06/2012.

Procurar o amor não é tarefa fácil e, muitas vezes, acabamos por nunca encontrar aquilo que desejamos. Em O Que é Que Nós Não Fazemos Por Amor!?, Ilene Beckerman descreve, de forma profundamente divertida, uma história que todas as mulheres reconhecerão: a primeira paixão, os votos de amor eterno trocados no casamento, as crises e as rupturas, o eterno recomeço de tudo.

Ilene Beckerman
When I was 60 years old, I wrote a memoir about my life before I had children. I have 5 children. They didn’t think I had a life before I was their mother. Sometimes even I wondered.
The book was Love, Loss, and What I Wore. It sold a lot of copies and was the inspiration for a hit Off-Broadway play that broke Off-Broadway records.
When I was 62, my second book was published. It’s called What We Do For Love. I had been looking for Prince Charming but I never found him. Cinderella did.
My third book was published when I was 65. It’s called Mother of the Bride: The Dream, The Reality, The Search for a Perfect Dress. Childbirth is a lot easier than being mother of the bride.
At 70, my fourth book, Makeovers at the Beauty Counter of Happiness was published. I’m still looking for the perfect mascara.
I didn’t write another book for a few years. I cleaned my closets.
When I was 75, my book The Smartest Woman I Know was published. It’s not about me.
I illustrate all of my books but I don’t draw well.
Oprah did a profile of me, my books have been translated into many languages I can’t speak, I’ve written for The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Ladies Home Journal, and many other magazines, and I speak to women’s groups and book clubs all over the country.
If someone had told me all this would happen to me, I would have told them to stop smoking whatever they were smoking.
Thank you and all good wishes.

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