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segunda-feira, setembro 20, 2010

O Caso do Colar Desaparecido - S.S.Van Dine

Li este livro no dia 17/09/2010.

S. S. Van Dine, pseudónimo de Willard Huntington Wright (Charlottesville, 15 de Outubro de 1888 — Nova Iorque, 11 de Abril de 1939), foi um crítico e escritor americano.

Foi ele que criou o detetive Philo Vance, personagem fictícia que se tornou conhecida, inicialmente em livros nos anos 20 e mais tarde no cinema e rádio.

Willard Huntington Wright began his career in California writing book reviews for the Los Angeles Times. In 1911 he moved to New York and was soon named editor of the monthly magazine The Smart Set. Also an important art critic, he championed the modernist trends of the day in Modern Painting (1915) and The Future of Painting (1923). A nervous breakdown during the mid-1920s sparked a new phase in his literary career. Confined to his bed for two years, he sought relaxation in fiction and became a master of the detective novel, which he wrote under the pseudonym S. S. Van Dine.

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