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quarta-feira, novembro 02, 2011

A Paixão de Cherry - Cathy Cassidy

Comecei a ler este livro no dia 30/10/2011 e acabei no dia 31/10/2011

A Paixão de Cherry (As irmãs da caixa de chocolate) de Cathy Cassidy - A vida de Cherry Costello está prestes a mudar para sempre. Ela e o pai vão mudarse para Somerset, onde a espera uma nova mãe e irmãs novinhas em folha.
No primeiro dia da sua nova vida, Cherry encontra Shay Fletcher: com a pele bronzeada e olhos de cor verde-mar, ele é o tipo de rapaz que deveria trazer escrito na testa: "Não te aproximes que te apaixonas".
Mas Shay já tem uma namorada: a nova meia-irmã de Cherry, Honey. Cherry sabe que a sua amizade com Shay é perigosa - pode destruir tudo. Mas isso não significa que ela tenha de ficar longe dele…

Cathy Cassidy (born 13 June 1962) is a British author of young adult fiction, mainly focusing on domestic fiction. She was born in Coventry, but now lives in Galloway, Scotland. She has written fourteen books. She has also been the agony aunt for Shout, a magazine for teenage girls, however she has a series of three books at present about Daizy Star for younger readers.

Cathy now lives in the Galloway Hills in Scotland with husband Liam, and two children, Caitlin and Calum, aged 17 and 19 respectively. She has been a vegetarian for over thirty years, and was a vegan for eight of them. Her lurcher, Kelpie inspired the dog "Leggit" in her first book Dizzy.

She wrote her first picture book for her little brother when she was 8 or 9. Cathy was the agony aunt on teenage Shout magazine for 12 years and for many years taught art in local primary schools, but is now a full-time author. She has revealed that she was once an art teacher at secondary schools, and went to university to take an art degree. She has drawn all the illustrations and the front cover to all the Daizy Star books. Her latest series, The Chocolate Box Girls, are inspired by chocolate, the story of five girls whose parents start a business in making truffles. She claims that the names for each book are also the names of a truffle, and enjoys the 'research' – eating and tasting chocolate and recalling on her days in Somerset as a waitress. Cathy has so far written two books in the series, "Cherry Crush" and "Marshmallow Skye". She has just started writing the following book, "Summer's Dream". Next will be "Sweet Honey" and the last book will be about Coco.

The Chocolate Box Girls series is all about two families coming together. The sisters are Cherry, Skye, Summer, Honey and Coco. Cherry Costello is shy and imaginative, Skye Tanberry loves vintage things, Summer Tanberry is ballet mad, Honey Tanberry is difficult but loves art and Coco Tanberry is an animal loving tomboy.

"Cherry Crush" Cherry Costello has just moved in with the Tanberry sisters. Life is perfect, except for one thing - Honey hates Cherry and her Dad. Then Cherry gets a crush on Honey's boyfriend...

"Marshmallow Skye" Skye and Summer are twins. It used to be lovely when they were still close. But lately Skye's been feeling second best to Summer. And then Skye realises that her friends Millie and Alfie wanted Summer all along. But Skye has something that is hers and only hers. A box of clothes and letters belonging to Clara Travers, a girl who threw herself into the sea out of heartbreak, a girl who is rumoured to still haunt the forests beyond Skye's old home. Then Skye starts dreaming of the past,falling for a boy she can never have. And suddenly Skye has a mystery to unravel...


Cherry: Cherry's friends are not named, but there is evidence in "Marshmallow Skye" that she has some.

Skye: Skye's best friend is Millie.

Summer: Summer's best friend is Tia.

Honey: Honey has a friend called Georgia and some other friends.

Coco: Coco has a friend called Amy and some other "crazy mates".

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