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terça-feira, dezembro 13, 2011

Who Cares About this Planet? [OFFICIAL]

Who cares about this planet?
All this h20 and soil please...
Life's about luxuries.
I'm talkin' little plastic bags
For little plastic cutleries.
I'm talkin' fossil fuel worship into the point we shatter an ecosystem like porcelain'.
I'm talkin' 5 cent polyethylene purchasin' because mother-nature nurturin' never did nothin' for my tax bracket.
You ask why though?
This is social class survival.
I need a SUV with an engine that's broaderrr...
They claim the effects make the climate get hotterrr.
But, so what?
I mean wouldn't paradise be so nice?
As far as I'm concerned, it can burn baby burn in the name of progress!
Oh yes!
Our urban centers become more crammed in...
So we demolish farmlands...
And we call it expansion.
Just say goodbye wildlife while I enhance my wild life style.
and ain't nobody complainin'...
As long as you build them a brand new theatre...
Or a state of the art sports arena.
Or even as the means get meaner...
And the resources get leaner...
Who cares about this planet?
Well...gluttony aside,
Future generations tend to.
Plus, women and men who come from cultures that are indigenous still.
Not to mention sections of the globe that need to stay frigid and chill...
Yet we create landfills of bottles made from synthetics.
We spill oil into water bodies and all we can be is apologetic?
But man made social bandages won't bring justice to a kingdom where we are the only animals that can speak for ourselves!
If we don't respect the butterfly effect...
That means we're placin' monetary wealth, above well-being and health...
And ultimately life itself.
So who cares about this planet?
I like to think I do but do I?

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